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Party People (2009)
Party People is mainly inspired by Big Beat music from 1999-2000 where I was introduced to club culture. Sometimes what’s missing from the big electro beats you hear at late night parties is a good groove and a song that will put a smile on your face. Party People is all about putting a smile on your face. It’s my summertime boombox mix.
Deckard - BOC 2009-01-01 400x
19 Tracks - .ZIP
1 Track -
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Breakfast of Champions (2009)
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GhostShip (2008)
The Space Cowboys invited me to play at their massive Halloween bash this year and I couldn’t be more honored. It was a great community effort by numerous Burning Man camps. Playing on the Unimog for the first time was a thrill. It’s a short and sweet set designed to get the party into gear in a hurry.
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my definition of chill - vol. I (2008)

Summer is here and the time is right for... chillin' with my new mix. Decidedly non-club oriented. Some of these songs I've collected over the years and keep coming back to. Not to denigrate other downtempo mixes, but I can only listen to Kruder & Dorfmeister so many times before it's time for something different. So I made this mix for me, but I hope you enjoy it too.

The finished product is nearly 2 hours mixed with songs ranging from Brian Eno to LCD Soundsystem, Royksopp and Boards of Canada. It begins and ends without beats, but in between you will find some of my favorite downtempo and progressive tunes for those times when you're ready to kick back.

Deckard Chill CD - Helvetica_400
1 Track 110 minutes
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deckard - freakz
15 Tracks 78 minutes
.MP3 | .ZIP

money shot
In January, I had the good fortune to spin at the after hours of the FiX 1 Year Anniversary at a party where no one who was there will soon forget. It was dirty. It was nasty. No one wanted to leave. From that party came the inspiration for my latest mix. I wanted to take the music, vibe and energy of that night and and put out a mix that gives me that same feeling. Money Shot is the result of that inspiration. 

It's 70 minutes of sweaty, dirty, electro, late night nastiness. 
deckard - money shotback
13 Tracks 70 minutes
.MP3 | .ZIP

digital mind

Inspired by the electro sound of WMC2006, Peace Division, Steve Lawler and everyone else who throws it down dark and dirty.
13 Tracks 65 minutes
.MP3 | .ZIP

come with me
A new place to call home and a new musical direction. A full album of breakbeats. Inspired by the San Francisco breakbeat scene that became my summer school for 2005.
13 Tracks 74 minutes
.mp3 | .zip

From the light and uplifting to the dark and epic. My homage to progressive music circa summer 2002.
Dirty CD CoverDirty Back CD
11 Tracks 76 minutes
.mp3 | .zip