Party People

If you read the post on my music blog here or heard any of my sets over the past several months you might have noticed I’m trying to change up my sound. My new mix Party People is a culmination of my desire to bring back more that reminds me of what I was listening to in 1999 when I first really dove deep into electronic music. Fatboy Slim was slamming out big beat tunes that made you shake your ass and smile and was just generally happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down my weapons. I’m just bringing a new (old) sound back. Hopefully I’ll find more ways to weave this sound into my gigs. I’m really digging it right now. In a world of fidget & tweaky hard electro it’s nice to have something different to listen to. Or so I think anyway. I envision this as a good mix to listen to at the beach, on a road trip or blasting from a boombox. Please enjoy. And send me your comments. I love to hear feedback.

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01 - Deckard - Introducing...
02 - Dynamo Productions - Slip Inn
       Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band - Scorpio
03 - Drummatic Twins - Soul Flower
04 - Mark Walton - Got It Like That (John Ohms Remix) 
05 - All Good Funk Alliance - Slingshot Boogie (Featurecast Remix)
06 - Playgroup - Front 2 Back (Fatboy Slim Remix) (Deckard Edit)
07 - FDel - Get Up On Ya Feet
08 - Layo & Bushwacka - Sly (Deckard to the Music Mix)
09 - The BPA - He's Frank (Layo & Bushwacka Remix) (Deckard Edit)
10 - Dub Pistols - Back to Daylight (Access Denied Remix) (Deckard Edit)
11 - Fort Knox Five - The Party Pushers (Smalltown Romeo Remix)
12 - Fort Knox Five - Insight (A-Skillz Instrumental Remix)
13 - A-Skillz - Happiness
14 - Hardy Hard & Mr. X - Records Back (Electrixx Remix)
15 - Dub Pistols - Soul Shaking (DJ Touche Instrumental Remix)
16 - Leroy Thornhill - Hands Up (Boogie Army Remix)
17 - Splitloop - Party People (Absorb Remix)
18 - Yo Majesty - Club Action (Stanton Warriors Remix)
19 - QDup Foundation - Renegade's Revenge