Bring on the funk

As some of you may have noticed I have been getting into funk music lately. Depending on the gig I have been trying to infuse my set with more funk sound. In particular I’m fond of producers like FDEL, All Good Funk Alliance, QDUP Foundation and others who are spearheading a sound that upholds old funk sounds with modern production values.

Funk music is a bedrock for a lot of music that has come after it. The samples and influences are literally everywhere.

Today I’d like to push a new mix on you from my very good friend and DJ partner-in-crime DJ MB. He DJs all around Seattle, Canada and on down the coast here in Cali. He has been the resident DJ and music booker for the W Hotel in Seattle for going on 8 years.

It’s a mini-mix of sorts. It clocks in at under 40 minutes. If you want a really good back to back experience put this one on before my Party People mix. Similar enough tunes and vibe.

I know you’re going to enjoy it.
Grab the mix here