Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions is soon arriving and my internal excitement is arising. Breakfast of Champions has a lot of meaning for me. My first year in San Francisco I didn't go to BOC. People told me it was cool but nobody grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "NO, IT'S REALLY FUCKING COOL!" Which was my impression upon going the next year.

I pretty much geared up my talking to Andrea about wanting to play for the Space Cowboys around 2008 Breakfast of Champions coming up. She told me a lot of people came out of the wordwork around the same time I did. We talked about the music scene in SF and I told her I really liked and respected what the Cowboys did. They embodied the spirit I really liked about throwing parties in SF. Underground, badass music, sarcastic sense of humor. What's not to love?

I didn't play at BOC that year but they did ask me to play in 2009. I prepared big time for the gig. I put together an opening intro, I edited multiple songs specifically for this show, and I scoured my collection for hidden gems I could bring back and play. I found an old Finger Lickin' track from 2000 that I was especially happy to play.

The cool thing is that not only is BOC the best party I went to strictly as an attendee but also as a DJ. Well, maybe tied to Burning Man. Decompression is pretty up there too but I digress.

I'm really stoked to be playing at this year's edition. Opening a show like BOC can present present fun challenges. Even in an up-for-it crowd like BOC you still have to work the song flow and monitor the energy of the crowd as you build. So many different directions musically to take.

Maybe some tech-house & techno to start? Stick with electro and move to breaks? I'm still deciding. I'll come prepared to go whatever direction I think works for the crowd. I like to go on the fly and see what happens. Maybe take some left turns in new directions and hope it goes over.

BOC Lineup:
Main Room (6am*): Deckard, Shizzla, Sh00ey, 8Ball, Mancub, Ernie, Kirk, Soul of Man (2 hour set), Tamo, J9, Bassben, Larry, Icon
Downstairs (6am*): Bam, Aaron Jae, Mozaic, Mace, Benchun, Ding Dong, Felix, Jive, JoeJoe, Robb G, Kramer, Bob V, Sol, Erik Hz
Outside (10am): Trav, Zach, Brad Robinson, Rrrus, Manny, Murphstar, Clarkie, Aaron Pope, Mopo

* Hoping for 5:30 opening