History of Rap music in one mix

Ordinarily I'm not a huge fan of megamixes. You know the style, you hear bits and pieces of songs thrown together rapid fire. Typically there isn't much flow and it gets boring quickly.

In the case of The Diary we have something a little different. Chris Read, self-appointed Mixtape Champion of the World, has condensed over 800 rap songs into one 80 minute mix. Spanning the years 1979 to 2007 it is a veritable rap history lesson. Enjoy.



Friday Funk Day

I came across one of my favorite DJ sets of the year recently by Dave McKinney aka Flow Dynamics. Using songs, loops and acapellas he mashes it into an hour of expertly mixed funk bonanza. He uses so many different loops and snippets of songs it would be difficult to come up with a tracklist for this set. This has been in my rotation since the first listen. Highly recommended.

Grab Flow Dynamics live DJ set here


Bring on the funk

As some of you may have noticed I have been getting into funk music lately. Depending on the gig I have been trying to infuse my set with more funk sound. In particular I’m fond of producers like FDEL, All Good Funk Alliance, QDUP Foundation and others who are spearheading a sound that upholds old funk sounds with modern production values.

Funk music is a bedrock for a lot of music that has come after it. The samples and influences are literally everywhere.

Today I’d like to push a new mix on you from my very good friend and DJ partner-in-crime DJ MB. He DJs all around Seattle, Canada and on down the coast here in Cali. He has been the resident DJ and music booker for the W Hotel in Seattle for going on 8 years.

It’s a mini-mix of sorts. It clocks in at under 40 minutes. If you want a really good back to back experience put this one on before my Party People mix. Similar enough tunes and vibe.

I know you’re going to enjoy it.
Grab the mix here

Party People finished. Now what?

When I finish a mix I always feel a combination of pride, happiness, excitement, and a little bit of sadness. I really enjoy working on mixes. In this post I talk a little about the origins of Party People and some of the process that goes into putting it together. Read More...