On the road to Burning Man

Getting ready for Burning Man is always a bit of a trip for me. Sharon and I like to eat well on the playa so this year we prepped some home made chili, a couple Thai meals, 4 crates of mangos, etc. I even vacuum sealed a couple of what I hope will still be delicious slices of Escape From NY pizza. Gathering our camp supplies is not too difficult at this point, but we like to add creative flare every year. This year I took on a DIY project to create some decorative solar lights.

The real difficult part of prepping for Burning Man is getting music ready. This year I revamped my system which was not working well anymore. My old system relied on me having a giant book of CDs and having a really good idea of what is on every CD in that book. This system fails when you have about 124 CDs while in the middle of a desert riding around in a bumpy bus while flames blast out all around you.

So this year I looked over all my music from the past year and rated every song I purchased. Only 4 & 5 star songs along with a handful of 3 star songs make it to the Burning Man playlist. I now have the added benefit of creating smartlists in iTunes (even though I despise using it) where I can group together my best electro breakbeat tunes or if I’m playing a funk set I could look just at my funk music or also group in my funky breakbeat or my hip-hop flavored breakbeat.

It’s still a work in progress and I’m still looking at having to burn CDs for a few hours and print out labels but this year I feel like I know my music inside and out. That is a great place to be when you’re sleep deprived and coasting along on fumes at the end of the week.

Along with my schedule posted on the front page if you want to find me you can always look for the Space Cowboys Unimog. It looks something like this (6 year old’s Lego rendition).

Pasted Graphic