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Breakfast of Champions Mix is up!

So how much fun was Breakfast of Champions this year? I got to BoC later than usual at 10am and had my game face on getting ready for my 2 sets (I played Silent Disco at 2) so I didn't really get into party mode until well into the afternoon. I wasn't nearly ready to leave with Rrrus rocking the outside stage until closing. 
Alas the day had to come to an end. I'm happy to have my BoC already out for you to enjoy. Playing inside at Mighty on a hot day. It was well... moist. I think anyone inside would agree. So I thought it would be fitting to get a little dirty with my tunes. Some of the hottest ghetto funk tunes I could gather and shifting into some breaks near the end. 
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Upcoming Gigs:

Saturday, March 17th – Deckard Plays Shake Yer Shamrock @ Raven Bar
Join us at the new kid on the block Raven Bar (next to Bloodhound) for St. Patrick's Day shenanigans. Three bars, Two floors of hot DJ action, plenty of seating area and a kitchen. Raven is having their grand opening this month so come check it out. 
Shake Yer Shamrock
Saturday, March 17th
8:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Raven Bar
1151 Folsom St. (between 7th & 8th)
Aaron Pope (Nightlife, Erase Records)
Deckard (Space Cowboys, FiX, Nu Funk Boutique)
More TBA!
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Grab Deckard's latest mix "Party People 4 - Pool Party" here...

Party People 4: Pool Party Edition

In which we continue the mashup big beat party series and steer it towards the nearest pool party. The tunes here stay on the sunny side. The energy builds without ever turning dark.

Deckard - Party People 4 (Pool Party) by deckard-dj

Party People 3: Ghetto Funk Edition

I haven’t been this excited about a genre of music since first hearing Steve Lawler drop an amazing electro set 5 years ago at WMC. The last couple years I’ve been moving towards playing more and more music that’s happier and funkier than the late night bangin’ electro sound I’d been evolving for several years. I’m completely reminded of Fatboy Slim’s music made me feel back in 1999. It’s essentially an update of Big Beat. I’m really excited to share a sound I think is really fresh and modern in a retro way.